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CIty Hall

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 6134, Surigao was converted to a chartered city on August 31, 1970 with Pedro Espina as its first city mayor.

Zaragoza Rock Formations

Unique rock formations approximately 20 feet high stands out against a backdrop of dense coconut trees and nipa palms ( Nypa fruticans) and covers an area of one hectare.

Basul Island

A tiny island at the entrance of Hinituan Channel with fine white sand mixed with assorted shells rims.

Ipil-Mabua Pebble Beach

A contiguous layer gray of pebbles.

Birok Islet Coral Reef

A small shell beach surrounded by vast mangroves and close to a reef.

Silop Cave

Stalagmites and stalactites dominate the chambers, accessible through its twelve entrances. It is approximately 7 kilometers from the city proper.

San Pedro Cantiasay Footbridge

This wooden footbridge is among the country's longest at 391 meters, connecting Sibale and Nonoc Islands.

City Planning and Development Office

3/F New Government Building
City Hall Compound
Tel. Nos.: 086-826-8502; 086-231-7209
Prepares development plans and other development planning documents; and further conducts continuing studies, researches, training program and project study/development priority for its implementation in accordance with standard project/planning cycle process.
As public servants, we commit to abide by the civil service Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards in the performance of our sworn duties and responsibilities. We shall at all times be accountable to the peple and shall discharge our duties with utmost responsibility and competence. We shall lead modest lives and uphold public interest over personal interest.
We commit to promote ethical and accountable service to the public at all times. We act as role models and perservere to improve work attitude to make public service more friendly. Further, we shall be transparents, efficient and effective in all transactions.
We are committed to provide responsible quality service by promoting the value of time, honesty and transparency. We show respect by providing courtesy, guidance and adequate information to our customers. We shall promote discipline and upgrade personal skill by keeping abreast with technological progress.
We commit to prevent corruption by explaining to our customers our strict adherence to our existing rules and procedures. We shall ensure that our customers are well-informed of the status of their transactions. We commit to sustain feedback mechanisms and initiate corective measures.
So help us God.
DIANA C. EDERA -  City Planning and Development Coordinator
URIEL EUGENIO S. CORREOS -  Assistant City Planning and Development Coordinator
HAZEL P. AGBON -  Project Development Officer IV
RAUL D. CASANOVA -  Zoning Officer III
EMILIA N. VIRTUDAZO -  Project Evaluation Officer III
HALAN B. BESARIO -  Project Development Officer III
MA. THERESA H. TRINIDAD -  Planning Officer III
ANGELINE B. REVECHO -  Information System Analyst II
GENELYN G. PONGCOL -  Computer Programmer I
MARLOWE B. GORGONIO -  Planning Officer II
CECILIA S. BUHAY -  Administrative Officer III
ROY C. BUHAY -  Planning Officer I
HAIDEE G. SAMPAGA -  Administrative Officer I
ROLF P. PACLEB -  Administrative Assistant II
JUANITO P. ORTIZ -  Draftsman II
JOVELITA G. LITO -  Administrative Aide VI
NICOLAS P. TELLO -  Draftsman I
FERDINAND S. MADRID -  Administrative Aide III
VELMA O. PEDRALBA -  Administative Aide I
JULIUS JESS V. MENOR -  Administrative Aide I
GUNDIE R. RELLON -  Computer Programmer
ROGELIO B. GEMAO, JR. -  Computer Technician
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