June 7, 2019

iNFocus: The city government of Surigao Solid Waste Management Board convened for its 2nd Quarter Meeting at the CMO-Conference room with the following agenda:

1. Implementation of RA 9003 
-Barangay with organized "Solid Waste Management Committee
-Barangay with established Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
2. Updates/Status on the Implementation and Participated in the Oplan Kuha Cellophane/Papel and Recyclable Waste Program"
-Production output on the processing of Recyclable Waste tru "Plastic Densifier (Flower Pots/Bricks)
-Updates/Status of Collection of Residual Waste
-Status Report on Sanitary Landfill Operation
-Presentation of Draft "Barangay-Based Ecological Solid Waste Management Ordinance"
3. and other related matters