We, the officials and employees of the City Government of Surigao, do hereby pledge our strong commitment to perform our duties and functions with utmost goal to: 
Serve our people with respect and proficiency. Giving all what is due to ensure customer satisfaction;
Unite in our common goal to promote transparent accountable governance, vouch for elimination of red-tape and all forms of corruption in the local government;
Respond to the various needs of each customer, giving attention to each individual with the highest degree of professionalism they expect to receive;
Initiate a model public service that will serve as an example for others to emulate;
Guide the people in their day-to-day transaction(s) and collectively endeavor to achieve a public service that is truly God-centered, customer-oriented and efficiency driven;
Aspire to achieve with greater efficiency and in the shortest possible time, the delivery of every government service rendered;
Oblige ourselves, our employees and all our instrumentalities, to serve our people, with the end in view of achieving our vision for development and fulfilling the mission that we sworn to upheld.